MultiCrops understands the needs of its customers.

Hand On :
The company has deployed its finest team members to lead its field offices in countries of supply to monitor and control the supply chain and quality of its exports.

Regular supply:
The company guarantees uninterrupted supply to its client from various origins within its program of local warehousing in the markets of its clients.

Quality Control:
The company has implemented layers of quality control processes from the moment of buying the products from the farmers all the way to sifting/cleaning, and a final pre-shipment inspection by an international quality control organization. Above all, the company stands behind the quality of its products and always makes sure that its customers are totally satisfied.

Competitive prices:
The company buys the products first hand from the farmers through various schemes of pre-financing and sell directly to end users, cutting out any inflation in prices

Impeccable Logistics:
The company has a highly trained dedicated logistics arm that ensures the timely shipment of goods and correct and prompt issuance and despatch of shipping documents.

Payment Facilities:
The company understands the importance of granting payment facilities to its clients and has developed several methods to that end .